Security Groups Sub Panel Missing!

Hi All,
I am using SuiteCRM 7.7.4 with security suite 2.9.4a.

In one of my Modules (a Contacts List) the security Groups Sub panel is missing.
It does appear as a sub panel in other Modules- Any reason why it is missing? and how do i get it back?

Also In Role management i have created a role and have set every module to disabled and every access type to None. apart from One Module (same contacts list above) which i have set the view/edit etc to ‘Group’.
I have then assigned this role to a Security Group and added my users to this group.
I then did a mass update of records and added the Group to those records. (Although I cannot see what all groups are assigned to each record as this is missing(see above).

When the user logs in and goes to this module, the can only see the records that were assigned that group which is perfect.
However the user can still see the sub panels related to the module. How can we hide these sub panels from the users view?


i have seen such issue with the new theme, and was wondering if it was an issue from my setup. try changing back to previous theme and check if secuirty group panel is back.


thanks for replying, we are still using the old theme.