Security Groups/Roles

I cannot for the life of me get this scenario to work…

I want to set up access restrictions as one normally would for an organization.

I want to have agents, be able to view their own record. So it makes sense to set up a role for access to owner only, great.
Next I want a Manager type role that can access all their records of that group. So I create an account for manager and assign group access. Great.

Next I assign the following

Manager - Management group and Sales Group
Sales - Sales Group

Then I set security groups to additive rights.

It doesnt work, :frowning:

I do not want my manager to have access to ALL records, only to his team. This is due to our structure in the company and compartmentalizing for privacy and security.

The manager can not see or edit all the group records for my custom modules, is there somethign I should ad to my custom modules to ensure this works as intended?

Thanks to the Suite Community!

SuiteCRM 7.1.1
CentOS 6.4
Apache, PHP 5.3

As to why I had an issue to begin with, I did not realize security suite was limited in its use with custom modules. Only alternative is to dig deep and understand how security suite works, and modify the free version to allow use with custom modules or purchase the full version.

Hey John,

It can be pretty complicated to create your own relationships between custom modules and Security Groups if you don’t do things exactly right. For non-developers, or for developers who want some of the other features like Sudo, custom detail/edit/list layouts for groups, etc it many times makes sense to go with the full edition of SecuritySuite.

But if you’re ready to get your elbows greasy it is possible to create your own relationships. There is an old doc that you can follow to create your own relationship. Check out the Enable Security Suite for a Custom Module section. Beware though. If you copy/paste it will throw in junk characters. It’s best to type it all out.

Hope that helps!

Good to see you in here Jason :slight_smile:

Lots of questions about Security Groups so thought I’d help to answer them :slight_smile: