Security Groups problem


My problem is next. Ive created two groups for one role so that user from first group cant see records, created by users from second group. And the same way users from second group cant see records, created by users in first group. Everything goes well till I append a new user to the group. He cant see any record, even his groupmate`s. But if someone in his group creates new record or changes any old record, new user can see them. Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem?

The second to the last sentence runs counter to the issue so something doesn’t sound right. Make sure that the problem user doesn’t have any other roles attached to the user or any other of the groups that the user belongs to that would cause this behavior. Also double check the SecuritySuite Settings page to see if there is anything such as Strict Rights or having Additive Rights unchecked that may cause issues.

Also make sure that any record that the user cannot see has the appropriate groups assigned to the record in the Security Groups subpanel.

Thank you!
Changed SecuritySuite settings. It seems that everything is ok now.