Security groups one-offs

We have the regular relationships like Sales teams, and mentor/protege. But occasionally we need for a salesperson to be able to view/edit just one opportunity belonging to another salesperson.

I haven’t figured out how to do this yet. Is this possible with the built in Security Groups and Roles?

Thanks for any help!

There are many ways to achieve this.

If you don’t have many sales persons, one straight-forward way would be to create a group for each person, with their name. This group gives that user only, the rights you want to give.

Then you would assign those records to this group (apart from any other groups to which they already belong - one record can belong to more than one security group).

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I tried your suggestion to create a group for the salesperson (Bob), then assigned that salesperson group to the other user’s opportunity. Still no luck seeing the opportunity as Bob. Do I need to associate a role with this new group?

Also does Bob need visibility into the account in order to see the opportunity?

Thanks for the help.

Does Bob’s Role permit him to view/edit Opportunities at Group level rather than Owner? If the role states Owner then he’d only be able to see Opportunities assigned to him rather than at Group Level regardless of group association.

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Thanks Dale and pgr. I have this part working where Bob can see the opportunity of a different user. I have additional needs for Mentor/Protege and teams. Will start a new topic for that question. Thanks again.