Security groups for custom modules

Hello guys,
i face some difficulties when creating security groups for custom modules.The issue is that i created a custom module and want to define some roles. I created security groups normally and attributed different roles to different groups. But i realised that when i go to the custom modul and select the subpanel “Security groups” ,there is no group or role .
But when i go back to admin>security group i cann see all those security groups and those roles.
I don’t know where the problem is
I have created a relationship between my custom module and security groups
Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

Can you please tell us which version of SuiteCRM you are using ?

We’ve checked the scenario as you mentioned above and it’s working perfectly for us.

Make sure “subpaneldefs.php” file exist in modules → → metadata. if it’s exist then make sure “get_subpanel_data” => “SecurityGroups” parameter is exist or not in file.

See below screenshot of “subpaneldefs.php” file,

See Screenshot : Screenshot by Lightshot

It doesn’t work by default, at least it never has for me. However, the one I’ve been working on is a 7.10 branch so maybe it works on the current branch. Here’s what I had to do to get security groups working for a custom module: