Security Group Questions

I appoligize if this has been ask but i could not find it. I have an issue with the security groups.
I have 3 groups call them group1 group2 and group3

now there are users that either have group1 and group3 or group2 and group3. My problem is that even if group3 is not assigned to a record users in group2 can see all of users records from group1 and vise versa. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance

nobody has had this issue?

so i take it no one has ever had a user belong to multiple groups then

People have users in multiple groups all the time.

There are 2 key parts that are unknown based on the original post. Are the groups being assigned to the records and is there a role assigned to the groups or users that set the rights to Group only so that they can only see records that are assigned to their groups?

To get a better idea on how SecuritySuite works check out this doc: Example of a Typical Setup

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