Security assignments in DB

Does anyone know where in the DB Security Groups are assigned to emails? I have several hundred emails that I need to change the Security Groups. I can’t seem to find the table that holds this data.


Try to see in the table “securitygroups_records” where module is “Email”, you can find the related ids to email and securitygroup

Thanks for the reply. I did look in there but it only shows records/emails going back to 2016-06 which is when a workflow was added to assign all new emails to a security group. Now I am tasked with added all emails prior to 2016-06 to the same security group. They currently are not assigned to any group.

I can’t go and check the database structure now, but you could try simply adding a new row on that table, relating one of those emails to a security group. I expect that would work. Once you have that figured out, you can try doing for the whole lot of old emails.

I added the row with email id and security group id but it does not show up in the UI. There must be another relationship somewhere.

Have you try if security group work correctly with your manual modification on DB?!

If i remember well, not in all modules is visible the associated group to the record… but it works