Searching for contacts

We want to search some contacts with some searchcriteria but these contacts should be from some accounts that we chose before.
Is there a possibility to search over two Moduls ?

Then we want to add these contacts to a target-list.
We need this feature but we cant find any solution for this problem.

Use the Contacts List view, then filter by Account. You also have the action button there to add them to a Target List when it’s done.

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that works but you can only filter by one account.

Now we have the following scenario:
We have to filter accounts for example by revenue or branche. Now we need all contacts in the sales department from these accounts.
We can’t manually select these contacts because our Database has to many entries. We just want to use the search filter on the two modules (contacts and accounts) for the same filter and then add every contact to a target list.
Because we have more then one contact for one account (i.e. technics, sales and more).

Can you do it with a report? There is an option to add all items listed in a report to a target list.

Reports let you manage the relationship between Accounts and Contacts with more possibilities and several conditions.

If not, you’ll have to consider some custom coding to implement your desired filter requirements.

Searches are important. They just not needs to only fast , they must be limited and efficient.

I have built something cool keeping many things in mind.

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