Searching Accounts for a String within the Account Name


Perhaps this is really easy and I’m just not thinking straight or it can’t be done.

We imported several thousand accounts into SuiteCRM (I’m LOVING IT by the way). I noticed that we have MANY duplicate accounts that don’t have the same name. Unfortunately I don’t know how many. Here’s an example to two accounts that should be merged.

  1. AZ Dept of Corrections
  2. Dept of Corrections AZ

I’d like to do a regular string search for all accounts that have “AZ” at the end of the account name.

How can I search for this?

Many thanks.

Note: I found that the percent sign (%) is a wildcard and can be used to search for strings. So:

  • AZ% would search for and find all text beginning with AZ
  • %AZ would search and find all strings containing AZ