Search not working for pre-SuiteCRM data


I have just gone from Sugar 6.5.23 CE to Suite 7.8.2. Everything went well, as far as I know…except the search box.

I enter in values in the top-right search box (global search?) and it wont find anything. The only thing I can find is whatevers been entered since my switch to SuiteCRM. The old SugarCRM accounts, contacts, leads, cannot be found at all.

Any quick tip?



Hello Mike,

Yes, that is global search.
This thread may help you. You need to setup Cron for AOD.


You are right - since none of the forum posts actually described clearly the issue, here is it:

  • you have to have the usual “SugarCRM-like” cron.php job in your crontab file
  • you have to add to your scheduler jobs (in SuiteCRM Scheduler section) the jobs a) Index unindexed documents and I believe 2) AOD optimize index

Run the cron job (or wait) and AOD will work.

Alternatively, you can also disable AOD from the admin panel of SuiteCRM, but that “downgrades” you to the standard SugarCRM search.

Correct. That two steps will enable for global Search.

But I suggest. AOD should be enabled for faster result.