Search functions and advanced open discovery details

I have a few clients operating on Suite CRM and recently I’ve got some complaints about the search functions, I would need little advice. On the CRM that I currently use for my business I have the AOD fucntion on for a good time now and seems to work fine. If I type a last name, I get the result in the search results. On another CRM, I just put the AOD funciton on and made the same test and nothing comes out as a result. Does it take a certain amount of time so that the AOD matches with the database or I need to do an operation to do so?

I have another similar problem, I’ve also noticed that the search doesn’t include the ‘‘Products’’ and if I go in the products module, and search for a particular product, if I don’t put the precise first words and the word a my search is not the first word of the product nothing comes out… it’s not a big issue when you have only few products, but in this case it’s about 400-500 different products. I’m maybe thinking to have a custom search module developped to integrate in the CRM, not sure what would be the best solution to this.