Search Endpoint from SuiteCRM 8 API


I’m currently developing mobile app which using API to get the data from my SuiteCRM website. I want to use search functionality but couldn’t figured out what the correct endpoint to make it work.

anything about this one?

Search these forums for GraphQL, which is the new API in SuiteCRM v8.

Note that the names are confusing: SuiteCRM v7 has API v4.1 and API v8.

SuiteCRM v8 has a new GraphQL API (although the old APIs still work).

Hi @pgr can you give me an example pls?

I posted an example a while ago, which you can find by searching these forums for “GraphQL”, it will be easy, there aren’t many posts with that keyword.

I couldn’t find the thing you said. Cant you send here the link?

My sample code for a custom API entry-point is here:

and some extra bits about the XSRF token here: