Scheduling Individual Emails Possible?

I’m looking at possibly using suiteCRM - my deal breaker though is being able to schedule individual emails, similar to what you do with a regular email client. Is this possible right out of the box? Note I’m not talking about email campaigns or drip messages - just plain communication with a lead that needs to be delivered at a certain time.

No, that’s not a feature.

Only workarounds I can think of, apart from you customizing the code to do what you want:

  • do one-person campaigns

  • use an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird that has that feature (possible as an add-on), and work out how to integrate with SuiteCRM (depends on your requirements; there are payed plugins for the most advanced use-cases)

Thanks for the heads up! I find it crazy odd that this feature isn’t present in most CRMs… it’s a basic need of all email sales, especially B2B.

I’m curious, can you please explain why it’s a basic feature? How do you use it?

It’s basic in that every email client worth using has it - it’s also really important for outbound cold emailing, which is done heavily in B2B sales prospecting. Imagine this: You are trying to get the attention of a brand manager in NYC - you live in LA. The reality is that the NYC brand manager is more likely to see your message if it comes in at say 9:30 am than if it does at 7pm the night before and gets buried by 40 other messages. The implications are real and I’ve seen the effects first hand. You need every advantage you can get - especially when trying to reach difficult to contact prospects whom you have no other connection too. This is why it’s needed. Apparently HubSpot clued into this and allows it in their sales program now, but I don’t want to use HubSpot…

Ok, I see. You are right that this sounds like a nice suggestion to add, maybe you can do it on GitHub.

SuiteCRM already has the notion of Email queue, and scheduled jobs, so it should be implementable without any major architectural challenges. But still it requires some work and I wouldn’t say it’s a small, quick, feature to add.

Meanwhile you can try single-person scheduled campaigns, but I don’t expect you will find the experience very attractive, it’s probably going to be too much work.

Thanks for explaining and good luck working around this…