Scheduler running reports in GMT and not in local time

I’ve seen a couple threads on this topic, but no clear definite answer on which direction to head in.

So our scheduler is running reports in GMT, but the Admin is set to America/New York.

I do not see another area to change the time, and I don’t see it under the cron.php

Where should I look to correct this?


I was hoping the update to 7.9.12 would correct this but no luck.

Any suggestions?

Hello, in my case I did change in php.ini

it was

date.timezone = "UTC"

for local time zone (example):

date.timezone = "America / Sao_Paulo"

Hope this helps

Thanks for the suggestion, Adriano.

I checked the php.ini configuration and it seems to be correct with

date.timezone = 'America/New_York'

Is there anywhere else this is referenced?

Unfortunately for me, since that change was enough, I stopped there.

Take a look if the php.ini configuration is for the same version of PHP that is being used.

See also your logs to see if warnings are occurring within the time zone you have set.

In the past, I had some problems with currency setup, and the problem was in my database.

If none of that helps, sorry.

There are two php.ini’s, you need to find out the one for CLI (command-line) which is what the Schedulers use if you run them from cron.

type this

php -i | grep timezone

to know your effective timezone for CLI.

And if you need to change it, you can find the correct php.ini with this:

php -i | grep php.ini

Thanks for all the help, guys!

I figured out my issue was the hardware clock on the system.

After matching that with my local time, I believe the error is corrected.