Scheduler Problem: cron.php - Call to undefined function getRunningUser()

Since upgrading to 7.8.3, the Scheduler doesn’t get called anymore. When debugging and calling the cron.php script manually, I get the error message

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function getRunningUser() in /var/www/zucker/cron.php on line 54
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/zucker/cron.php:0

I added

function getRunningUser()
        return trim(shell_exec('whoami'));

into cron.php - but I wonder what went wrong here as I cannot find the function definition anywhere within my SuiteCRM source code tree…

You are probably running PHP 5.3, this is a know issue with that version.


for a fix, or upgrade PHP is that’s alright with you.

Are you sure you don’t have that function defined in


around line 414?

That’s exactly my problem - somehow it looks the upgrade from 7.8.2 to 7.8.3 installed the wrong include/utils.php file.
I have now manually replaced it with the one from Github and the problem seems to be gone.

I’m running PHP 5.6 so that’s not the issue.

That’s very strange. Did your upgrade complete succesfully?

You might want to check upgradeWizard.log or install.log to see if there’s any mention of this problem (and others). Pay attention to the dates on the logs so you focus on the correct messages.

And you might also be needing to check your permissions. Maybe the installer couldn’t write the file because of permissions issues…

I found the culprit: It’s SecuritySuite 2.9.4a, overwriting various files in the /modules directory.
I’ll file a bug report with them.

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