Schedule email

Is it possible to send an email to the contacts when it’s their birthday? To wish them a happy birthday?

I haven’t tried it myself, but below is the outline of setting it up.

  1. Under Studio in admin, you can create a field for Date of Birth to collect the information.
  2. Create a ‘Happy Birthday’ Email Template
  3. Create a Workflow that would look something like this:
    a) WorkFlow Module ‘Contacts’, Run ‘Only in the Scheduler’,
    b) Under Conditions set Module ‘Contacts’, Field "Birthday’, Operator ‘Equal To’, Type ‘Date’, Value ‘Now’
    c) Under Actions ‘Send Email’ Send Individual Emails, And choose Birthday Template.

You may have to adjust your scheduler to make sure it sends the email in the light of day, instead of 12:01am, or email on the hour every time the scheduler is run. Good Luck!