schedule email after workflow

I’ve been tasked to fix issues over the management of a project in
SuiteCRM Version 7.9.4 { Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Version 509)}.
It’s installed in windows 2012 64bit and Php is at version 7.0.21.
I see you’ve put a lot of effort on it’s development and it might be a useful tool.
The actual projet manager want to use it as a ticketing system.
I’m having a hard time achieving that when it sends an email for a new ticket, that mail is carrying the ticket id.
I suppose the id it’s written in the database in a final commit, and after the email has been sent.
I must admit I still haven’t read the documentation and that I still haven’t read the project manager documentation (if there is one).
So I’m writing now just hoping someone has already faced this issue.
In the meantime I’ll read the documentation.
Kindest Regards.

How exactly do your tickets originate? Is it the user starting them on a customer portal? Or are they started internally?

the user logs in suitecrm and then he makes a new ticket.
It’s fixed now.
I think that the fix used is: instead of sending the email during the commit of a new ticket, they made a schedule that sends the first mail (the one used to open a ticket), in that way the ticket id is already written in the db and can be part of the email.