Saved Search Of All Project Tasks for Kanban

We’ve been trying out Kanban View which so far seems to be the right tool for the job to create a Trello-like board of all our Project tasks.

What we need next, is to be able to create one Kanban view of all the combined project tasks so that we can use one board to pull everything into one Kanban view.

We’d like to do it like this to keep projects neat and tidy in their own project lists.

Apparently, there is a way we can do a Saved Search of all the project tasks and from this saved list, one can create a Kanban board according to the developers.

I have tried looking for this but cannot figure out how to do this Save Search of all Project Tasks.

Any light on the subject would be appreciated.


I’m not sure the developers of that add-on frequent these forums. Maybe you’re better off asking in the SuiteCRM Store, in the support page for that particular add-on.

Thanks pgr…will do