Sales Reports Product vs Customer

Hello everyone,
I’ am new to SuiteCrm we are a small business with only a couple of employees. But we (I) decided to reorganize our office. As I am a Linux user and friend of open source software SuiteCRM looked obvious. I installed it on my server and try to adopt the system to our needs.
I run Version 7.11.10 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) on Debian 10 with MariaDb

Now my question,
I would like to have sales Analytics from a distinct Product by a distinct Customer, is this somehow possible to do with the report engine?

cheers from Austria

Hi @ghost_inside,

You could look at using the core reports (Depends how complex as these can be limiting), using a free plugin which offers more abilities or you could take a look at our Standalone application called SuiteAnalytics which can sync with SuiteCRM and other data sources to offer more detailed analytics and reports, for more info about this option check here. Its also free and open-source too!! :clap:

Let me know if you have further queries or need more clarification.

Your welcome from Scotland! :laughing:

thanks for your answer, I will check it out. I would prefer an integrated solution. Else I will check out the API. Most useful would be if can use R for the analytics.