Sales rep is doctoring records, need help finding change logs

I’m hoping to find a change log of any leads that were edited within a date range for an sales rep. Is there a log file or change log within the lead module for the lead history or lead activities?

In the lead record click on the actions button and “view change log” it only tracks fields you’ve designated in Studio to be “Audited” fields.

Additional to this, there’s also the tracker table in the database, and you can make Reports from it (I think).

@pgr tracker table only logs actions? action column in the table shows that its only tracking user clicks or views into the modules and records. Does it really combines the change log?

It is like you describe - I just thought that it might be a useful information to be able to say that “user X visited record Y” at some time, especially if the record changed at that time (modified date), and no other user visited the record…