Running Reports Question

I have created a report for the invoices module. When I remove the Condition parameters I get a list of all the invoices, Good. However when i put in a condition date parameter in the report I cannot get any data to display.

I am using the invoice date which is a field in the report and as my condition parameter field. I’m trying to create a report for invoices from last month.

In the invoice date condition parameter I have Operator=Less Than, Type=Date, value=Today, -, 26, days.

I have tried many different combinations of the Operator, Value and +/- days but i get nothing to appear.

Any guidance on this would be a tremendous help.

This was not working in 7.3.1 and in 7.3.2
running LAMP

Thank you.


If you want Invoices from the last month, the following should work:

Operator=Greater Than Or Equal to, Type=Date, value=Now, -, 30, days.

This condition would mean: Any time AFTER 30 days ago.
So it will work as: any time between now and 30 days ago.

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Thank you for the clarification, this works as required.

Do you know of any resources I can refer to learn about how the reporting works?

Thank you again for your guidance.


At the moment, Documentation on the Reports module is scarce.
However, there is a User Guide in the works for SuiteCRM that should cover the basics of the system.