Running java-script slow after 1st October


We are facing trouble of slow performance (almost can’t use) of Javascript.
We don’t have any idea of root cause. Please help us with your knowledge…

App : SuiteCRM Version 7.11.6
DB : MariaDB
Server : Windows2016 Server
Client : Windows7

After 1st October, suddenly slow performance happened even open the login page only.
Before 1st October, user can access smoothly and there are no any changes to the SuiteCRM.

When user open the login page, it seems Java-script was not running.
And “Long running script” message displayed from browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox all).

And if we change client’s system date (OS) to 30-Sep, Java-script running well.
Do you have any idea why Java-script not running only after 1st October ??

Are there any expired date or effective date ?

We use Symantec Endpoint Protection and it has already disabled
but the issue still occurring.

I’m sorry for my poor English.
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I have no idea, but since the problem seems to be dependent on dates, I suspect maybe some certificate expired. Do you notice any certificate errors in your browser?

It’s also a good idea to examine your logs on the server side.

Can you also check the Scheduler Jobs which most likely would be set to Run on 1st of Each Month?
Go to Admin -> Scheduler and then See the Interval of Jobs that are Set to Active. Is there any job set to 1st of Every Month?

Dear cherub-chum,

Thank you for your reply.

When I check “schedule”, there are 2 jobs that work every month

  • Prune SugarFeed Tables
  • Removal of documents from filesystem

Maybe these are sample jobs. ( We didn’t create such a jobs )

And the job has already executed on 1st October even if we change system date to 30-Sep.
So we think the job or program is not root causes…

Best regards,

Dear pgr,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, there is no notification of certification error in our browser.

We checked OS Event log , sugarcrm.log in Suite CRM and error.log in Apache.
But we couldn’t find any log that appeared only after 1st October.

Do you know other logs that we need to check ?

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I tried to change system date (client) to November and the issue not occurred.

September-2018 : OK
October-2018 : NG (Slow Performance)
November : OK

September-2019 : OK
October-2019 : NG (Slow Performance)
November : OK

September-2020 : OK
October-2020 : NG (Slow Performance)
November : OK

It seems system can’t work if month is “October”.
But I can’t understand why only “October” cause the issue.

Do you have any ideas …?

October ? Because it’s Halloween :silly:

Is your Windows Server receiving the latest updates? Do you see any expired certificates in the Certificate management console?

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As a result of our investigation, we found strange program code in some javascript.
It caused infinite loop if system date = October.

After we delete the code, the system work as normal.

Thank you for your support.

Could you share the details (precise file location and portion of code) and what you did to solve the issue so that everybodyelse with the same issue can benefit from this?