(Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks) failed in CRON run

While i am running process work flow via scheduler. That scheduler status done but workflow process audit failed.
While Checking suitecrm log i am getting given below error.

Is this above error will affect work flow email.

I believe the purpose of the task is to Generate Reports (from the Scheduled Reports module). It shouldn’t affect anything except Reports.

Take a look in php_errors.log to see what is going wrong with the job.

Hi Pgr,
I have totaly 4 process work flow. 3 workflows are properly going mail from scheduler. But only one Process work flow running but it got failed.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand exactly what you’re saying.

But the error you see in your logs is not related to any Workflows.

So if you have problems in a Workflow, just concentrate on trying different settings inside that Workflow.

Hi pgr,
Given below lines php error logs for cron job scheduler.

Jobs are running in red hot linux os.

Help me to resolve the issue.

You should try and solve that AOD error, maybe have a look at this:


Anyway, it’s really strange that you have two different jobs failing, plus the workflows not running. Are you sure you haven’t messed up your permissions or something?

Maybe you could try a few repairs from Admin / Repair.

I gave full permission for all folders.
I gave repair in admin panel. Then also workflow not working.

Well if the Workflow is failing it should leave a message in suitecrm.log, no?

Hi pgr,
I trying to clear for that AOD error but that time Internal server 500 error occuring.
I cleared AOD_Index and AOD_Indexevent table datas.
I renamed \modules\AOD_Index\Index\Index directory.

After that not able to access site itself.

Please help me to fix AOD index error.

Did you delete the rows from the database tables, or did you delete the entire database tables?

If SuiteCRM doesn’t start, you must have errors in php_errors.log and suitecrm.log, check them out.

I deleted only rows from database tables.

I checked suitecrm.log and php error log both files, Existing errors only it’s displaying. There is no new errors in log files.

I am sorry, but I can’t help you troubleshooting without any information. I am sure the logs show something, maybe they’re not fatal errors, but they can give you a sense of what the code is doing when it crashes. You have to dig for some clues…