Run Action, based on a condition when the value of one field changes to the a set of values.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

If the status_field = “DRIP” and changes to either Sold, Active, or quote, then, Run the Action.

---- I can’t see how to specify if the current value = xxx and then it changes to a new value of yyy. (even though, there are possible values a to z ), then run the action.

You can’t do this. You could specify status_field = DRIP and then add another condition status_field = Any Change. This would mean the workflow would fire when the status is changed, but you can’t specify a specific value to trigger on(yet).


It didn’t quite work. I was getting a notification when the status was changed to Drip and status changed from drip. I only want an email when it changes from Drip to something else.

Thanks for responding Will.