roles security group for more

I have a big problem, I saw the article that all recommend:
but compared to the example I would have more levels of reponsables user management who don’t have to see between them but have to see what happens to only their groups further down the hierarchy.
Setting the example instead the higher levels are seen between them, how can I avoid this?
where am I wrong?
Thank you very much.

I am sorry i can’t see the article URL working. Can you explain more what you want to do in roles?
I can guide you about what you want.


yes, thank you very much, the link:
The link explains how jill can see everything: east will and west sara, while east and west don’t see each other.
Now I have to add below to jill two intermediate administrators who see one jill and one sara but jill and sara don’t have to see the companies of these two new administrators and I can’t do it.

I am confused about what you are going to do.

Let me explain

Jill is parent
Will and Sara are its child, Jill will have access to all the records of both Sara and Will.
Will Can only see his records
Sara can only see her records


You want to add two new Administrators, who can see Sara and Jill, but Sara and Jill should not be able to see his records??

is this your requirement?


Yes it is my requirement and the two new administrators don’t have to see the disks that they own : admin 1 must not see the disks that owns admin 2 and admin 2 does not have to see the disks that owns admin 1
thank you