Roles - Rules - Permissions

Greetings to the whole community
I’m new, I discovered CRM Suite very recently and after reading all of them
I find the guides very interesting.
After gaining some theoretical knowledge, I struggle to put it into practice.

Roles - Rules - Permissions

Below is a diagram of what I would like to do but can’t

Amministratore Sistema
|____ SubAmm1
| |
| |___User1
| |
| |___User2
| |
| |___ecc. ecc.
| |
| |___User3
| |
| |___User4
| |
| |___ecc. ecc.
|_____ecc. ecc.

The System Administrator must open Sub Administrative accounts
The Sub Administrative administrator must open accounts for Users

Sub Administrators can ONLY see their own Users and assign documents to them
Users can only see their own account and only see their own documents

Someone is kind enough to explain to me how to do this pattern so that I can learn
How do you definitively assign roles and permissions?

Thanks in advance


interesting idea - but I’m afraid, that there are no “Sub-Admins” in the CRM.
(In most other CRMs I know of not as well - that sounds almost like a multi tenant requirement).

Roles and security groups are usually for non-admin users.
Roles are genereally about what users can see and do.
Security groups are more for which records can be seen.

Check out these videos for more details:

In some SaaS solutions there is the concept of admin and super-admin, where the latter one could do payments and add other admins, but still not administer the “own” users.

I think you can definately do that with roles and security groups.

ADMIN1 = (not an admin access)Group1, also has a role with group view access to the records and has edit access.

  • users are in Group1 and have only “own” access.

ADMIN2=(not an admin access) Group2 , also has role with group view access to records and have edit access
-users are in Group2 have only “own” access

System admisinstrators Always have Access to everyting. This is your top leve.