Roles and Security Groups

I hope you are all well.

New to SuiteCRM, and amazed at how intuitive it is to use. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand the approach to follow to do this.

We are only using Accounts, Contacts, Leads, opportunities, campaigns and collaboration tools.

We intend to have three type of users in the system:

1- Administrator: All access.
2- Territory Manager: Access to all records assigned to a specific geographical territory, and can see all Sales reps data.
3- Sales reps: Access to records assigned to them only (one or many countries).

For example, a Territory Manager could see records for Northern Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway), but a Sales rep in Ireland would only see Irish records and nothing else.

From what I understand there are two distinctive things we need to set: roles and security groups. But I’d love to know what is the best practice in terms of setting this up?

Sales Reps will all have the same role profile, meaning, they won’t be able to delete records, for example.

Thanks for your insights and help!

I’m going rounds in circle trying to get this to work :slight_smile: I guess there is some sort of hierarchy that needs to happen, but I haven’t managed to figure it out.

you can check this and this

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Awesome, the second link explains it exactly as I need it.

Thanks so much Mike!