Roles and Groups - Assignment

I have records that are covered by NDA and No NDA, so not all employees can see them all.

I have got my Groups and Roles working correctly - Yay - as this usually confuses me, but I want a workflow that will automatically Assign a record to a Security Group based on the value of the NDA field in the record.

I cannot make the Group inherit from the User as an NDA approved User may create a Non NDA record that everyone can access, so is there a way to use Workflows to modify All records and assign a Group to the record based on the value of a field?

Assigning a security group is essentially establishing a relationship between a record and a security group record. So that’s how you do it from a Workflow, with the “add relationship” action.

If you can avoid Workflows that go through all records, that’s better, for performance reasons. It will be quite heavy and inefficient. Maybe it’s enough to change it for records that are changed (or even only when a specific field is changed). So try to make it a On save workflow (and if needed, with some condition).

Thanks very much, that makes sense not sure how I missed it.
Do you know how I can show the Group that a record is associated to either as a field in the record or as a list view?
I don’t need this permanently but while i am setting up groups and testing them it would be good to see where they are associated?
Final question, if I assign a record to a group and then re-assign that record, is the first “assignation” persistent or does teh new “assignation” override the previous?

Isn’t this the Security Groups subpanel in the record’s detail view?

These things - it’s faster to try them than to ask… :wink:

I guess that since a record is allowed to have more than one Security Group (SG) - which by the way makes the whole scheme a lot more powerful - making one assignment shouldn’t remove any other. You’d have to explicitly remove it.

You could, of course, try devising a Workflow that detects adding a SG assignment and removes the previous one. If this turns out to be too complex for a Workflow, you could do it with a logic hook.

Thanks, I had disabled the Security Suite Subpanel so couldn’t see it, being able to see it has answered many questions. Thanks

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