roles and group permissions for editing and viewing

is possible to create a role that does the following?

  • See if your group allows
  • Edit if your group allows

If a user has a role with editing and viewing permissions at the group level I can not say that group can edit that group can see.



This is possible with Security Suite within SuiteCRM.

My question is:

If I have the user 1 belongs to group1

On the other hand I have user 2 belongs to group2.

How do I set the tool for same record, for the user 1 can view and can not edit?

On the other hand user 2 can view and edit?

Thanks Will.

You have to create two groups in Security Suite and allot each to the respective users.

How I must configure the roles in that case?


You can configure it through ‘Role Management’ in the Admin Panel. It is very straightforward.

Could you give me a example?


Create 2 security groups, each with a role (with edit and without edit) and allot the groups to the respective users.

thanks I will do that and i will send you back the results