Revision gets saved automatically even without clicking save 'Create Revision'

I have a module called ‘Submittal’ which has relationships with several other modules (one of them is ‘Submittal history’).
Now here is the problem:-
->create a new record in ‘Submittal’ -> save it -> goto editview, click on ‘create revision’ -> Don’t save the revision -> come back to list view of Submittal click on the record just been created -> click on submittal hostory subpanel.
Now even though the revision has Not been saved yet but the subpanel still show the revision.

What it means is, even by clicking on create revision the revision gets saved in the database.
Any suggestion on how to approach this.

This is not the case. Without saving, no record should be created. May be there is any custom code doing it. You need to check the custom modules code.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Any idea which folder to begin with?

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You can check the JS files.

and check if any JS file is included there.
Secondly check the modules/module_name/views/view.edit.php