Rest Api Relate Account to Contact

Strange issue… I can’t relate contact to account with this code :

if ($id_account  != 0 ) {
            $set_relationships_parameters = array(
               "session" =>  $session_id,
               "module_name" => 'Accounts',
               "module_id" =>  $id_account,
               "link_field_name" => 'contacts',
               "related_ids" =>  array($id_contact) ,
        $set_relationships_result = call("set_relationship", $set_relationships_parameters, $url);


Is there some person have the good “code” for relate account to contact ?



Just set account_id when you “set_entry” the contact.
The relationship will be created automatically.

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The answer blqt gave is the most practical.

But I also have this code that works to relate and Account to a Contact:

            $account = BeanFactory::getBean('Accounts')->retrieve_by_string_fields('someAccountName');

$person is a Contact bean.

Hi pgr,
your code is for “not for api”… logic-hook or other. I use that for a special form and it’s work.

My code is for api rest… v4,1

Hi blqt,

so ?

            $set_entry_parameters = array(
                 "session" => $session_id,
                 "module_name" => "Contacts",
                 "account_id" => $id_account,
                 "name_value_list" => array(


Oh I see now, you’re right. I never programmed for the API so I didn’t recognize the difference, sorry.

I was wondering how you were asking that question, I was pretty sure you knew how to do that better than me… :slight_smile:

No. That should be in name_value_list like your other contacts fields.


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Hi Benoit,

really sometimes we look hard way and not the easy way.

This must be available on all module… this easy way to relate.


No, it’s only true for account_id of Contacts.
For other relationships, you need to use set_relationship.