Reset Passwords for Multiple Users

Does anybody know of a way to do a mass reset of user passwords? I had imported a group of users months ago, and now I would like to reset all of the passwords and have the reset emails sent to them. Any idea of an easy way to do this?


You could run an SQL query to do this. Set the password for one user. Copy the user_hash in the users table and then Update the other users password.

Thank you for the follow up! Would that also trigger the reset emails to be sent?

Afraid not.

You will need email them manually. Considering that the password is likely to be the same. It shouldn’t be to hard to email everyone.

Sorry for the necro, but I wanted to provide the query I used

UPDATE `suitecrm`.`users` SET `user_hash`='yourhashhere' WHERE NOT `id`='1';

the admin account ID in my database was 1, so this resets all accounts except the admin.

I used mysql workbench to list the users table, find the user whose password I wanted to copy.