Required to know the number of accounts involved in my report


I have created a report based on member types. However, my aim is to know how many accounts have associated with each member type. Also, member type is a dropdown.

I have tried many ways, but I found a way by adding a parameter to select the member type in the dropdown and get the count of the member type.

Is there any other ways I can filter out my member type count

There is a free module created by @mvnrsa

You can create your custom query and get your custom reports in SuiteCRM

Hi @BrozTechnologies,

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

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It seems you are using my module on a Windoze instance, which is something I never test. (Windoze does not have a /tmp/ folder.)

You will have to edit \modules\adrep_report\adrep_report.php and change the location of the temporary files (all occurances of /tmp).