request to api return 404 error

The meta/list endpoint is the “deprecated” JSON v8 API:

The endpoints that work (for me) are listed in the non-deprecated v8 API:

Here is a query for retrieving all accounts with the latest v8 API that works for me:

curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer your-oauth2-token' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

We were running into this issue as well. There seems to be a crucial piece of information missing from the documentation. You need to check your instance install and make sure the .htaccess file exists in the root directory. If it does not you need to generate it by going to your admin panel under repairs and tell it to fix the missing .htaccess file.

In addition for the .htaccess file to function properly you need to have the “AllowOverride all” directive in your configuration file for your virtual host.

Once we did that and followed the requirements documentation the API call worked.

Maybe the maintainers of the Developer documentation could add that step to the requirements as it seems it is not optional to have a .htaccess file if you want to access the API.


Hi @alanm. I am also using API v8. SuiteCRM version 7.11.12.
I am serving my filess via nginx and FPM. I don’t need to use .htaccess file as it has been used by apache web server. Do you know why I am getting these result.
I am calling the same endpoint {{suitecrm.url}}/Api/access_token and getting a JSON response which is
“message”: “Not found”
If I am trying anything other I am getting lets say {{suitecrm.url}}/API/access_token (THE API is capital )I will get the text File not found. Would you please recommend something as I am dying to get the right answer,

Few things @ksaubhri;
Welcome to the community! :tada: for a start,

  1. Not sure how compatible SuiteCRM is with nginx so let us know how it goes.

  2. Why would you not need a .htaccess file or nginx equivalent, as well as providing security they allow for the complex redirects the API requires to function?

  3. Your first URL looked more correct as you should be using /Api/V8/access_token

Let us know if you have any luck!

Hi Team, thanx for the Welcome. One thing I would like to know that I have setup the suiteCRM on my local ubuntu laptop and calling the API via HTTP protocol only. Is it okay? Also In reply to using /Api/V8/access_token endpoint. I recieve File not Found as text message . I am attaching the postman screenshot of both the cases.

Try using the authorisation tab to create the access token, using this method you can store the token for use.

Have a look here for a good way of setting up postman

I solved my problem. There are only two things which I did.

  1. Change the version of suite CRM from 7.11.12 to 7.10.24.
  2. Earlier I was using Nginx as webserver. I switched to apache and connect apache with php7.1-fpm socket.
    Everything comes into place with the same API path given in the documentation

I believe that a number of these problems relating to 404 errors and being unable to find the V8 REST API are due to an error in the installer. The .htacess file that the installer provides as at 7.10.27 if you deny write capability to the drive is NOT the same as what the installer will write if you do grant access. Therefore, I have provided a patch:

to correct this issue. After applying the the patch the installer presents the correct code for the .htaccess file and API endpoints appear as expected.
Alternatively, you can give your web server access to write what it likes to the drive, but I baulk at that concept! (Perhaps for a test system disconnected from the outside world?)
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I guess that I ought to put the direct URLs here as well for the latest 7.10.x and 7.11.x versions of the software. The .htaccess file relies on mod_rewrite (in apache) to carry out the following URL changes:

RewriteRule ^Api/(.*)$ - [env=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}]
RewriteRule ^Api/access_token$ Api/index.php/access_token [L]
RewriteRule ^Api/V8/(.*?)$ Api/index.php/V8/$1 [L]

This means that you can avoid the shortened and instead use the full path

Similarly for using the V8 Api, replace and instead use the full path

This way, you should still get the desired REST connection, even if the rewrite rules/.htaccess etc is messed up in some way.

That was my issue as well :wink: Thanks!

thank you so much for your contribution… i was trying to figure out how to pass bearer tokens and run extra commands and this helps alot.

I had to change
RewriteBase /suitecrm
RewriteBase /


RewriteRule ^Api/access_token$ Api/index.php [L]
RewriteRule ^Api/access_token$ Api/index.php/access_token [L]

Seems to work now with Nextcloud integration.

I am incredibly jealous. I run my life off of my nextcloud dashboard, its got reminders for taks, projects, meetings, emails, everything! Only thing missing is crm.

Could you please post more details? I have modified the httaccess file and event the bloody regular config and neither are working. I have tried a bunch of other dumb hacky ways of trying to get


to redirect toi


but nothing has worked. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times on two different computers running php v8 and phpv7.3, all sorts of different configurations, and nothing seems to be working

The biggest problem is that there are a bunch of conflicting guides online because the official documention does not explain how to configure apache. I need a good working config file I can copy paste.

I have followed this tutorial step by step: on two different computers

I have followed this tutorial step by step on two different computers (modified to work with deb 10) Install SuiteCRM (Customer Relationship Management) in Linux


And even if this stupid 404 error is fixed, when I run:

curl --request POST   --url https://localip/suitecrm/Api//access_token   --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'   --data 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=blerp&client_secret=derp'

I get:

{“error”:“unknown_error”,“message”:“No user found”}

So to recap, on my actual server where I want it to licve I see crazy giberish on the hopescreen, so I tried other computer, at least I can make key, neat. but I cant actually connect to the end points. I keep getting a 404 error. great.

and even when thats fixed, I will still have to deal with more bugs. wreohirgewbbrhfsh

i’m sorry I’ve just been working off and on for the last month trying to get this working. and I finially decided to dexdicate a full, uninterupted weekend to it. and now its monday night. three full days of nothing but trying to get a suitecrm widget in friggen nextcloud fml