Reports User Guide

Hi All,

Is there a user guide to explaining how to use the reporting module? I having trouble finding one in the documentation area.


Hi Kevin,

There is not yet a user guide on how to use the reporting module.

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I have just looked at the Report module. The lack of a user guide is definitely a problem but unless I am missing something the module does not do everything I thought it would. It appears to only support column reports. I don’t see anyway to create a chart type report. The info on the SuiteCRM website opening page says “Advanced OpenReporter – Reporting module for lists, charts, PDF & dashlets”. Am I missing something?

Hi Rowland,

Advanced OpenReport is in early development. Many features such as charts and PDF’s will come in future releases. As for the home page statement, this will be edited accordingly.



At least I was not being stupid and missing something obvious. I look forward to see this module when it can do charts. Many thanks for the quick response.


Is there a time line for the reports module? what could we expect? something like Kreports?


Hi Tammy,

AOR is in early development and the aim is for a powerful/easy to use reporting tool. Major enhancements for AOR are estimated to be released in SuiteCRM 7.2.

We welcome collaboration and contributions from the community to enhance the development of AOR.



In AOR_Report.php the group by was rather ineffectual since it the group by field did not have the function applied to it on line 468.
Swapping the two if statements solves the issue.

if($field->field_function != null){
                    $select_field = $field->field_function.'('.$select_field.')';
				if($field->group_by == 1){
                    $query['group_by'][] = $select_field;

I am not sure if you want this to be the default behavior, but it does make the most sense, as if someone wanted to group by a field without the function applied to it, they could simply add another field.
I added a few more functions related to dates for the dropdown, things like DATE, MONTHNAME, YEAR, in order to generate group by reports based on time periods, but the group by was not working when these were added due to the issue listed above.

How do we add these reports as dashlets? How can we turn these reports into charts?