Reports subtotalling multiple records

I have played with the Groups and Functions in Reports but connot find a way to do what I want.

I have a report that is showing me all the donations (sales) made for a project (product). I want to send the donors a thank-you email and show them what we have done with their donation.

Some people hae donated more than once but I only want to send them one email - ideally with a total of their donations but if not, just one email without showing donation value.

I can generate the report that shows multiple entries for donors.

How can I, using Report Conditions or Display parameters, get a report that has only one entry for each person?

I guess that you need to set email column as distinct somehow. Then you will be able to get only one entry for each person.

That would do it; good idea

Any idea how to do that in Reports?

A suggestion by @rsp seems to be the answer: Somehow emulate the MySQL DISTINCT clause in the search.

It does not appear to be possible with the base system in Reports; I do not see any checkbox or other ability to specify that.

Can someone point me to how / where I would:

  • Add a Checkbox to the Report Condition tab?
    • there would have to be one for each “Condition” - that would let me specify for each variable if wanted
  • Edit the SQL query generated by the Report Condition so it adds the DISTINCT clause
    • again, it would have to be per variable specified in the Condition tab