Reports (standart) module. Linkable field's not work. Version 7.7.

Hello All.

After upgrading to 7.7. ver.
While working in a standard module “Reports”, I found an error. When User click on linkable fields the system displays a white (nothing) screen and does not pass on the right’s page. Screens below.

This issue is very critical for us. Has anyone experienced this? Сan I fix this, or only with future patch?

Thank you for yours Reply.

I can confirm this on 7.7

Reported in GIT and maybe could be solved in next version. See:
7.6.4 - AOR - If row has “Link” checked, the ID is missing from the link

[color=#004488]Hello, All
I see It fixed in 7.7.4 version. Сan anyone verify this?
Thank you.

take a look at this post it is fixed in 7.7.2

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[color=#004488]Thank you to All.
This issue is closed.
It works.[/color]