Reports (standart) module. incorrectly generates reports. Version 7.7.

Hello All.

After upgrading to 7.7. when working with reports I found the following:

When the report sets out the conditions (likely multiselect field), then formed an incorrect result.
For example: Create an account report, under the conditions set one account type for the report, but in the preparation of the report shows the result of all types of Account.

This is a bug in 7.7.? Or it can be fixed? Pictures below.

Thanks in advance for your comments


I was unable to replicate this on a Fresh Install of 7.7

What version of SuiteCRM did you upgrade from to reach 7.7?

If you try this on a fresh install of 7.7, do you receive the same issue?

Have you made any modifications around the Reports module?

Are you using any custom fields from Accounts in the reports module?

Does this also happens if you use english language?

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[quote=“John” post=36014]Hi,
I was unable to replicate this on a Fresh Install of 7.7
What version of SuiteCRM did you upgrade from to reach 7.7?[/quote]

[color=#0088bb]Hello, Jhon, thank you for your attention.
We upgrade from version 7.5.2[/color]

[color=#0088bb]No, not tested. In our plans do not include installation of a fresh 7.7.[/color]

[color=#0088bb]Without any modifications. Standard module “Reports”[/color]

[color=#0088bb]Yes, we use some custom fields (from Accounts) in our reports. However, in version 7.5.2. the results were correct.[/color]

[color=#0088bb]Today, during testing, I see the following detail:
If the report is a condition - an “empty field” (eg: Show all accounts who have not filled “TIN” field) and another condition with parameter “AND”, in this case, parameter “AND” is ignored and the system displays an incorrect result. The result is invalid if the condition is an empty field.[/color]

[color=#0088bb]Good afternoon. Thank you for your interest.
Incorrect results are identified for each language pack. Can I use Russian or English packages.
Thank you.[/color]

Hi pskobeev,

I was able to replicate your issue this time around.
Thanks for the info!

It looks like someone has logged this issue on our github repo:

Please feel free to comment on this issue with any info you can, such as screenshots and steps to replicate, as this could help when a developer looks to resolve this issue.

You can track the progress of the issue on there.

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[color=#0088bb]Good day, John.
Thank you so mucn for your help.
I’ll track your link and hope :slight_smile:

Best regards, Pavel S.[/color]

[color=#004488]Hello all.
If I understand correctly, then the problem is not solved yet?
In version 7.7.4. I try to make reports with empty conditions. Some reports run correctly, but some reports do not.
Thank you all for your reply.[/color]