Reports parameters filtering on multiselect fields problem


I use the version 7.5.3 and I have some problem in the report module with multiselect fields.
Miss to put ^ caracter for the SQL Request See print screen

I thinks this problen fixed on Sugar version 6.7.6 fix #65863

Some body fix this problem in SuiteCRM ?

Thank you

Is this MySQL or MSSQL?

Hi Will

Setting is SuiteCRM 7.5.3 with MSSQL 2014 - 12.0.4213.0

By default he put the good sql request like (field_name = ‘^^’ )
but if you just update the report he put (field_name = ‘’)

If find that the select was genered with aow_util on function getModuleField and saved on cache

I’m probably not alone use multiselect parameter on report mobule

I finally fix the problem on AOR_Report.php build_report_query_where function
Add code to check if the field is multienum type like :

$FieldType = $condition_module->field_defs[$condition->field][‘type’];

But Now I test group report and again have some sql query mistake

[accounts].id AS ‘accounts_id’,
[accounts].name AS ‘Name0’,
[accounts:contacts].id AS ‘accounts:contacts_id’,
COUNT([accounts:contacts].first_name) AS ‘First_Name1’
FROM [accounts]
LEFT JOIN accounts_contacts [accounts|accounts:contacts] ON [accounts].id=[accounts|accounts:contacts].account_id AND [accounts|accounts:contacts].deleted=0
LEFT JOIN contacts [accounts:contacts] ON [accounts:contacts].id=[accounts|accounts:contacts].contact_id AND [accounts:contacts].deleted=0 WHERE ( ([accounts].name = ‘XXX’) ) AND accounts.deleted = 0 GROUP BY [accounts].name

SuiteCRM automatically add id field on a group request it can work.

I use de default report module in suiteCRM
Somebody know if the ultimate reporting solution fix all the problem ??? and it was conpatible with SuiteCRM 7.5.3 ?

Thank for you feed back