Reports Module

I’m trying to see if I can create a specific report using the existing reports module or if I’d have to customize it somehow.

If I had the following relationships:

Contact hasMany Orders
Order hasMany Products

Can I potentially run a report on what Products each Contact has ordered? Or will this require customization?


You ‘should’ be able to run a report on orders, and do a condition to select the related contact.



Hi Will,

Thanks for your reply. However, what if I want to see Products and not Orders? Also, I don’t want to see a specific Contact, I want them to be listed for each contact.

So, as an example, given the above relationships:

Contact Product Date
John WidgetA 4/1/15
John WidgetB 4/1/15
Jane WidgetA 4/5/15
Jane WidgetC 4/5/15
Jane WidgetD 4/5/15

Something along these lines. Thanks.