Reports Module Relating to a Custom Field

My Reports module is messed up and my SuiteCRM instance (version 7.11.15) seems to have no default reports available.
When trying to create a new report, the Report Module dropdown appears as the dropdown list for a custom field in the Accounts module (Account Status dropdown list).

Is there any way to reset the Reports module back to the default settings without messing up my data (I have over 500,000 records)?

If it can’t be reset, how can I fix the Report Module to actually point / relate to a module instead of the Account Status field in the Accounts module?

Hey there,

From what I can see, it seems like the dropdown typically used by reports (“aor_modulelist”) is not one that’s selectable in the CRM.
Because of this, the dropdown in studio displays “account_type_dom”, as it is the first option in the list:

Despite this, it should show the correct dropdown in the Reports module, normally

However, the field could easily be saved and the selected dropdown overwritten, which would lead to seeing Account Types as the options for Reports

So, Just to double-check, the field does indeed show Account types when using it on the Reports module, correct?

If so, You should be able to set it back to normal like so:

Go to Admin->Studio->Reports->Fields->report_module
Then, select a value on the “Drop down List” dropdown and save. (Any is fine)

A new file should have been created in:

In this file, you will see a line like:

Update this line to instead use the “aor_moduleList” dropdown, like so:
Then save.

In the CRM, run a Quick Repair and Rebuild via the Admin->Repair menu

If the above is done, are you able to see the correct dropdown values in reports?

Hi John

That fixed it!!! Many many thanks - I’ve been racking my brain for several days trying to get this to finally work

BTW I’m also trying to generate a report that tracks user logins / logouts with an ON / OFF trigger to enable & disable detailed logging of user activity so I can keep track of user activities in case I need to restore their changes to records. Is there any free plugins/modules available and where could I find them? Thanks again