Reports module links - is this a bug, a config issue or something else?

I have a report set up to show outstanding invoices, with the actual invoice number linked back to the appropriate record. However the links point back to an IP address of an old server. As you would expect, clicking on these links does nothing because the destination doesn’t exist.

I have also recreated the report from scratch and the same incorrect IP address is used in the link address. The address should begin (anonymised), but instead the link is created around I’ve attached a screenshot to show what I mean.

I checked the SuiteCRM config.php and the address used there was incorrect. However correcting it has made no difference whatsoever. Is there another setting I need to check, or is this a bug?

Hi blloyd,

You mentioned that you updated the site in the config.

Just to be sure, I take it that you updated the value for:

'site_url' =>


If so, Run a Quick Repair and Rebuild in the CRM.

Does running a Quick Repair and Rebuild help with this?

If not, have you re-created the report after changing this value in the config?
It may be worth doing this after the repair and rebuild, and checking if it now works as expected

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You’re a genius - the repair and rebuild sorted it.

Thanks very much for your help,