Reports: Group order/titles

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a basic sales pipeline, grouping opportunities by their sales stage.

My colleagues would like the opportunities to display in a specific order:

  1. Awaiting Decision
  2. Proposal/PriceQuote
  3. Qualification
  4. Prospecting
  5. Closed Won
  6. Closed Lost
  7. On Hold
  8. No Bid

Question 1: These groups seem to stack alphabetically according to Item Name - is there a way to change this?

As a quick workaround I have made changes to the sales_stage_dom (image attached) which have done the job.

Question 2: The problem is since we updated to 7.10.7 the Item Names are appearing in the reports (see second image) whereas previously we saw the Display Label - is there something I can edit to correct this?

I hope that was clear and thanks in advance for any feedback!

I believe your approach is correct, and should work.

If the report is showing the item name instead of the display label, I’d say that is a bug (unless you can find a way in the report builder to make it show the correct thing).

Please try this in one of the online demos; this way you will find out if the problem is just in your system or not.

Then search Github to see if this Issue is already there, and report it as a new Issue if it isn’t. Thanks…

I’ve had a go at the online demo, unfortunately it doesn’t include admin rights so I cannot make changes to the sales_stage_dom.

I’ll take another look at github, I’ve seen different issues regarding Item Names appearing in place of their corresponding Display Label.


Here’s a live demo with Admin access:

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Thanks for the link.

The issue seems to be present in the demo also (see attached). Hopefully this only affects the Main Group feature in Reports

I should add, I have raised this on github:

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