Reports Enhancements Paging, Subtotals, and Counts... oh and drill-through

First of all, great job on the reports module enhancements, they are a major improvement. Looks like I still need KReporter for some things (like accessing the audit records for example), but great strides.

I was looking at totals & counts… and was a little disappointed that it counts and sums based on the records displayed on the page. How can we increase the records displayed on the page? And am I overlooking something on counts/sums?

Also, subtotals and drill through would be really nice… at a minimum, let us hyperlink from one report to another prefilling some parameters along the way based on what is clicked.

Example: Report shows sales reps with count and sum of quotes… clicking the total could take us to another report that shows that sales reps individual quotes by providing a parameter of that sales rep’s id.

Another one… we should be able to fill out parameters in the Report Scheduler module.

Example: 1 reports shows Quotes filtered by Sales Rep as a parameter. Report Scheduler sends this to the specific sales rep weekly for quote follow up, but inserts the sales rep as a parameter as part of the configuration. That way you don’t have to have 25 different reports if you have 25 different sales reps.