Reports Date Issue

Hi All,
We have a report that lists sales for a given “Month”.
By default it lists all sales for the current month (Report condition set the “This Month”).

When listing the report it also pulls in any sales set to the 1st of the following month? as
some customers order items for delivery on the 1st of the following month, so you would not expect to see such a sale listed?

Any ideas as to why the condition of “This Month” is showing all sales on the 1st of the following month?

Many thnaks in advance,

If you are technically minded, I suggest you increase your log levels to DEBUG and run the report, and check the logs to see which SQL query it is generating. This might help you further understand what is going on, then you can see if some change will produce better results.

You an always move to a freer, pure SQL-generated report of your own.