Reports, comparing two dates in condition gets no results

Hello everyone,

I created a Report for Leads module and I wanted to get Tasks based on condition:

Do you know why this is not working?
Also, I know that there is some data because if I select this parameter like so (im sorry about the text, but I can only upload one image):
- Operator => Less Than
- Type => Date
- Value => Now

I get some results, which indicates that the issue lies within conditioning two Dates (other than ‘Now’ and ‘Today’).
sugar_version => 6.2.25
suitecrm_version => 7.11.15
PHP version is 5.6 or something like that, which I cannot update to 7.*, so if there’s a way to fix this problem without updating PHP, that would be great

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas

Hi there

The reporter doesn’t like to jump through multiple modules on conditions

I see in your screenshot
Leads: accounts:Tasks

Try to recreate the report but have Task as the focus “report module”

Hi, thank you for the reply,

Recreating the report with Tasks as the main module did the trick, I am getting some results going when comparing two dates as a condition. The thing is my colleagues put very little data inside the Leads module, so in reports I have to operate on relationship between leads and accounts and then whatever i want to make a report out of.

My main focus is to create a report which will show every task (or opportunity or whatever) which was created after the lead. So sadly, even though recreating report like you said did the trick, and I got some results, I still have to somehow retrive the Date created of the lead (Tasks: Accounts: Leads).

Is it not possible to just use Task:Leads:Date Created?
That should work

What is the need to go through Accounts:Leads?

If the Tasks are related directly to the Lead there should be no need to go through Accounts

Hope this helps :slight_smile: