Reports - column order

I’ve created a report that lists Opportunities. I only have a few fields (Account Name, Opportunity Name, Opportunity Amount).

The report displays the columns with Amount, Name, Opportunity Name as the headers (not in the order I’d like).
UPDATE: I recreated it, and I was able to at least put them in the order I wanted when creating.
But, is there a method to reorder them???

Also, I did an export of the report (CSV) and the Opportunity Amount in the CSV opened in Excel 2010 removes all 0’s after the first punctuation, presumably doing the CSV interpretation. I tried to use File, Open to go through the CSV wizard, but it still opened the file with out the wizard.
So I opened the file in Notepad, and I noticed that there are not any "'s (quotes) around the values (e.g. 5,000).

Is this a bug?

Hi there,

AOR is in the early stages of development. We will review these issues and confirm if they are bugs or user journey issues.