Report's chart not showing on PDF

Hi there,

I’ve created a simple report to count the total number of cases of each priority. I’ve added a pie chart just to see a graphical representation and it shows up fine in the detail view of the report, but when I download PDF it just has my report items but no graph on it. It should be there right?


Can anybody check that a graph shows up on an exported report PDF for me on their setup? Not sure if it’s just my software config or a bug

Hello evanevgram,

I can confirm that the graphs/charts show up on on an exported report PDF.

Which SuiteCRM version do you use?
Could you maybe provide an example/printscreen of your report.


We also updated our charts and use RGraph now.

Hi Uladzimir,

I have tried the Export to PDF from a Report and the chart is not showing.
SuiteCRM version: 7.7.8.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Report with chart
  2. In the Report detail view, click Export to PDF
  3. Open the downloaded Report


I have the same issue with version 7.7.9 and PHP 7.0. Does anyone know why ?

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Might be related to this issue in php7 - see here

I have not see the info related chart when i created a pie chart. like this color represent this field. how i will find this info ?