reports bar chart

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I’m struggling with creating a report bar chart to display the number of different account types. I’ve created the report and selected the account type field from the module tree but under charts I only get account type on both the X and Y axis, I can’t figure out how to get a count on one of the axis and the different account types on the other. For example I’d like to see bars showing my different account types, eg. monthly, pay as you go, dead etc, and then the numbers of each.

Do I need to add the fields with conditions to show the different types or something?

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The definitions and output images you posted are the same image. Can you post the definitions image please?

Sorry about that, I fixed it now.

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Many thanks, this has helped. I didn’t have the same field twice as you do with one doing the count function.

Can someone report how this was solved? It’s not clear from the thread.

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Sorry, it looks like one of PGR’s posts must have been deleted, the thread appears to be missing their first reply.

See this image for an example bar chart I’ve done. Different to account type but you might get the idea.

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