Reports "Add to Target List" bugged?

I can’t seem to get the Reports module to add all the contacts in a report to a target list.

I create a new report in the Reports module consisting of all my contacts with First Name, Last Name, and Email Address as fields. This results in 3496 contacts.

I take this report and select Add to Target List. When it’s done adding, I look at the Target List and there are 1263 contacts. In fact, I’ve tried this multiple times and the number of contacts that make it to the Target List is different each time.

Watching “top” in Linux, it seems the .php-fpm.bin and mysqld.bin processes just quit unexpectedly during the operation. The question is why.


can you check the php errors log and the sugarcrm.log. if it is quiting unexpectedly then I would expect an error to appear in the php errors log.


There’s nothing in php_errors.log or sugarcrm.log after testing the process. On this particular test, only 1304 contacts were added to the target list, instead of the 3496 contacts in the report.

I set the error reporting to just E_ALL and performed the operation again. Here’s the php_errors.log from that. At 13:10 is when I started the operation.
This time 1519 of the 3496 contacts on the report made it to the target list.